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Military Creases Step by Step

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Have you ever wondered how dry cleaners press military creases?

Military creases are often required  for military or law enforcement related jobs. Military creases can be pressed at home with an iron but it requires a lot of time and practice to get the hang of it. I suggest you let us take care of the military creases so you can focus on more important stuff. I promise you’re not saving any money doing it yourself once you look at the labor involved.

Hand press to get the wrinkles out

First, we hand press the shirt on a dry cleaning press to get the shirt smooth with no wrinkles. This is a little more time-consuming then pressing the shirt on a traditional laundered shirt press, but this produces a crisper look when finished.

Starch, fold, press and repeat

Starting with the front of the shirt we add a light layer of starch to help hold the crease. Using the row of buttons and the pockets as a guide, we fold the shirt in half and line up the crease carefully straight from the shoulder through the pocket, and down the hem of the shirt.

Time to put the creases in

Next, we carefully press the shirt to create the crease. Once we have a good crease started we can make it more pronounced by applying more pressure and heat with the iron, adding more starch as needed. Steps 1 & 2 are repeated finishing the back of the shirt.

Line it up for a good crease

Starting with the middle by folding the garment in half we carefully create a crease from the top down to the hem. Next we check to make sure the crease is straight and that it is in the exact middle of the shirt.

Side crease

The two side creases are created next by folding the shirt so that the side seam lines up with the middle crease. Once the side seams are lined up they can be pressed into the shirt. This process is repeated for the other side.

Sleeves and collars

Finally, we press the collar and sleeves on the dry cleaning press. We make a crease across the top of the sleeve by laying it flat on the seam of the sleeve and pressing it. This creates a clean crisp crease running the length of the sleeve.

Final Inspection

After the shirt is pressed we inspect it for imperfections and  making adjustments if needed.

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