Laundry Service Tallahassee

laundry service Tallahassee


Custom Care Dry Cleaning Tallahassee, INC is now offering WASH-DRY-FOLD.

Hate Doing Laundry?  Let Us Do It For You!

At Custom Care Dry Cleaning we recognize how busy our customers can get with their everyday lives.  So why waste an afternoon washing, drying and folding your clothes when there is somebody else that can do it for you?

4 Minute Laundry Service

Our premium laundry service lets you do your laundry in only 4 minutes:  2 to drop it off and 2 to pick it up.

Sorted, Washed, Dried and Folded to Precision

All garments are professionally washed according to care labels and specific customer request.  Garments  are then sorted and dried at the appropriate temperature. Next, all garments are folded to precision.

Customer Comes First

Remember,  laundry is ALWAYS done per the customer’s instructions. If you have any question about our laundry service please don’t hesitate to call.

You provide the clothes…

  • We provide the detergent
  • We provide the dryer sheets
  • We provide our service with a smile.

All garments are washed with Tide detergent and dried with Bounce dryer sheets free of charge. We have other detergents available upon request.

*Dress pants, button down shirts, and bedding are excluded from the wash-dry-fold service.