10 Step Wedding Dress Preservation

wedding dress preservation


Don’t send your wedding dress out of town to be preserved. Custom Care Dry Cleaning Tallahassee is your wedding dress  preservation experts. Our methods have been proven and recognized by the International Fabric Institute as the best methods in the gown preservation industry. We pride ourselves in the highest standard of quality and care of bridal gowns in cleaning and preservation.

1.Check in

The first step in our wedding dress preservation process starts with the check in.When you bring your wedding dress to Custom Care Dry Cleaning. it is checked in and registered with it’s own unique tracking number. Your dress is then meticulously hand examined for stains and any needed repairs.

2.Hand Cleaned Hem, Neckline and Underarms

Next, your dress is then hand cleaned along the neckline, hem and underarms. These areas always need special attention. In addition to being the authorities at removing mud, grass-stains, dirt, wine, asphalt parking lot oil and other stains from weddings, Custom Care dry cleaning also meticulously removes all of the make-up, self tanning stains, deodorant and perspiration stains as well.

3.Black Light Inspection for Hidden Stains

We exam each dress with a black light to reveal any hidden stains. If the stains are not detected and treated they can oxidize and show up as brown spots or discoloration years later. Stains and spots are specifically treated to gradually remove them from your gown. Our “anti-sugar ” agent removes all sugar stains (usually caused by sodas, wine or cake frosting) and keeps them from returning and yellowing over time.

4.Individual Cleaning Process

Your wedding dress is then individually cleaned. Your dress is never cleaned with other dresses A more expensive solvent which is eco- friendly and gentler on fabrics is used rather than the perchloroethylene which other wedding dress preservation companies and dry cleaners use.

5.Comprehensive and Thorough Inspection of Wedding Dress preservation 

A comprehensive and thorough re-inspection then takes place. If any problems remain the gown is re-processed.


If any repairs are needed we make them. A Free service offered with all of our wedding dress preservations.

7.Hand Pressed and Steamed

Your dress is then hand pressed and individually steamed. It is also individually dried to make sure all moisture is gone from the dress fabric.

8.Shaped and Boxed for Display

The bodice of your dress is formed/shaped and place on an acid-free bust form for display so you’ll be able to see how beautiful it is for years to come.

wedding dress preservation
9.Don’t Forget the Skit, Sleeves and Bodice

The bodice, skirt, and sleeves are all layered with acid free tissue paper in accordance with the recommended fabric handling guidelines issued by the International Fabric Institute.

10.Beautifully Displayed and Protected

Your dress is then carefully placed in an acid free display box and completely sealed to keep outside humidity and moisture out (moisture in fabric can cause mildew), and also to keep out dust, and mold spores. It’s also important to provide this sealed barrier to keep insects like, earwigs, spiders, and cock roaches, termites from getting in and making homes in your dress.